Mystic Table Beer 750ml
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Country: United States
Region: Massachusetts
Type: Beer - Domestic
Style: Saison
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For thousands upon thousands of years, the brewing process began with a simple porridge of cereal grains that would be strained and cooled in sacred vats exposed to the open air. Seemingly secretly touched by the divine, the liquid would come to life, bubbling and burbling and filling the air with fantastic aromas. It was as if the liquid were transformed by the divine into a glorious and life-sustaining beverage. In the old world, food, drink, and even water were made safe, wholesome, and worthy of celebration by these mystic fermentations. Then came the machine age. The wild and unpredictable world came under control through the ever driving force of industry. Over time, the varied and spectacular beers were whittled into one beer: the most minimal beer. One beer made with one grain and fermented with one microbe for one kind of drinker. This once lovely, living beverage was diluted, filtered, and pasteurized for nothing more than the bottom line. But now an amazing thing is happening. At the turn of the century the US looked to one of the last places still making beer the old way, Belgium. In Belgium complexity, flavor and wild fermentations continued to be practiced. After years of fermenting microbes at work and beers at home, we took a road trip through Belgium for our honeymoon. There we discovered that not just the beers were different but the attitude and approach to brewing were far different from even what the great new American craft brewers were doing. There was also this dog in Brugge laying lazily in a window over the canals who said to us …well he just stared at us wondering why Americans would honeymoon in damp old Belgium. We knew then that we had to revive the old brewing traditions back in Boston and let the old mystic spirits loose again. At Mystic Brewery we arenít afraid of no stinking microbes (quite literally). Our way is to brew new beers in the old tradition. Our way is to make living beer. Our way is to build Bostonís brewing tradition into one of legend. And we are doing it the New England way: with hard work, perseverance, and meticulous dedication to craftsmanship.