Georgian Legend Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2020 750ml
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Georgian Legend Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2020


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Category Orange Wine
Brand Georgian Legend

THE traditional orange wine from Georgia!

This wine, from the Tsinandali zone in Kakheti, is completely naturally made, using the ancient Qvevri method of fermentation in deeply-buried Qvevri (large fired-clay amphorae lined with beeswax), allowing for a long, slow fermentation and gentle, controlled oxidation to create the unique tangy style of amber wine.

In the glass, the wine is a medium-amber with notes of fresh fruit and herbs, and long, tangy, mineral-driven finish. A perfect introduction to Amber or Orange wines!

"Perhaps the biggest surprise with well-made qvevri wines is that they do not have a pronounced oxidative character. Looking back at 50 or more tasting notes from a recent visit, not once did I write “sherry-like”, or use any other tell-tale descriptors. Yes, the aromas can be surprising and dense – cooked fruits, honey, jasmine, herbs and floral notes are all common in the whites – but they are quite distinct from deliberately oxidised styles like the Jura’s Vin Jaune or Chateau Musar Blanc."

— Simon J Woolf, author of Amber Revolution

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