Tubi 60 Original 750ml
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Tubi 60 Original


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Category Spirits
Origin Germany
Brand Tubi 60
Alcohol/vol 40%
Tubi 60 is a category creating, natural herbal spirit. Made with high quality, all-natural ingredients and designed to make you happy, Tubi 60 is liquid euphoria. More than an alcohol, it's an elixir. Tubi 60 is cloudy, citrus-colored liquor that has the look of something raw and yet pure. It's as though its makers discovered something wild and rare within nature, and bottled it with all its magic inside. Magic, in fact, is good word to describe Tubi 60's elevating effects. Don't be fooled by its simple bottle and humble presentation - Tubi is an elite, out-of-this-world spirit, delivering time after time on its promise of Pure Happiness. Natural ingredients like citrus and ginger give it its clean, tart, fresh flavor. You can shoot is, or pour it over nothing but ice. Add almost any mixer and you get an edge some might call unfair. As if that weren't enough, it is carefully crafted to minimize hangovers the next morning.

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