Jacopo Poli Po' Merlot di Poli Grappa 750ml
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Jacopo Poli Po' Merlot di Poli Grappa


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Category Grappa
Origin Italy, Veneto
Brand Jacopo Poli
Alcohol/vol 40%
One of the most important French vines, brought to Italy by Senator Pecile and the Count Savorgnan di Brazza in 1880 and spread throughout the Veneto region. Among its many characteristics are its plentiful fruit production and perfect maturation even in difficult years. This world champion grappa echoes Merlot's rich and inviting aroma. It is also from the hills of Marostica where the soil is dry, well ventilated and particularly adapted to this grape. Merlot's pomace is distilled immediately upon arrival at the distillery.

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