Filipa Pato Post-Quercus Baga 2016 500ml
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Filipa Pato Post-Quercus Baga 2016



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Category Red Wine
Origin Portugal, Beiras
Brand Filipa Pato
We were inspired by the Romans, who left their legacy in the region (clay jars). Part of the soil of Bairrada (Barro = clay) is clay. We wanted to recreate this old tradition. The micro-oxygination through the clay of the amphorae helps to soften down the tannins of the Baga and explore even more the pureness of Baga. A pure "vin de plaisir" which will accompany very nicely grilled fish and seafood and simple quality meat dishes with fresh and crunchy vegetables to accent the pureness of the wine. This Baga is also a good contender to creamy cheeses.

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