Ossau-Iraty Istara 100 pack 16 oz.
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Ossau-Iraty Istara

100 pack 16 oz.

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Category Cheese
Origin Spain
Brand Ossau-Iraty

A cheese with a whole lot of history. Ossau-Iraty is thought to be one of the oldest cheeses in the world. The story goes that the Greek God Apollo had a son who was a shepherd and made this cheese from his sheep’s milks.

Complex, rich and satisfying, you’ll find a slightly floral and fruity flavour. The semi-firm cheese has notes of roasted nuts, fresh grass and wildflowers, and toasted wheat. Its texture and flavour changes with age: the younger cheeses are creamier, and the older have a subtle crunch from calcium crystals that’s sharper and saltier.

Drink pairing: Ossau-Iraty is brilliantly pairable. We like to choose a white wine or port, chilled and extra dry to pair perfectly with this buttery cheese. 

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