Fromager d'Affinois Black Truffle 100 pack 16 oz.
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Fromager d'Affinois Black Truffle

100 pack 16 oz.

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Category Cheese
Brand Fromager d'Affinois

Fromager d'Affinois with Truffles is perfect to start a special dinner, spread on baguettes, or to seductively melt over a fillet for a truffle finish touch. This luscious, Brie-like cheese comes from the Pilat Regional Park in France's Rhone-Alpes. Beneath the light, fuzzy rind is a gooey ring that becomes almost liquid at room temperature. Progressing further into the cheese, you find a smooth, rich cheese with the lovey taste of fresh butter and earthy mushrooms. Fromager d'Affinois is rich and creamy with a relatively high fat content of 60% that positions it about halfway between traditional brie (about 45%) and triple-creams like Saint André (about 75%). Fromager d'Affinois is a must-try for fans of Saint Andre, Boursaut, or Brie de Meaux. Enjoy this cheese with crisp white wines or champagne, along with apples, grapes, and walnuts.

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