Parmesan Reggiano 100 pack 16 oz.
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Parmesan Reggiano

100 pack 16 oz.

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Category Cheese
Origin Italy

Taste. Aroma. Texture. This cheese has it all.

(Parmigiano Reggiano) has a granular, crumbly structure – even though it is considered a “hard” cheese, if you stick the tip of a knife in it and twist it will break into irregular nuggets, much like a boulder shattered with a sledgehammer. The cheese contains tiny crunchy granules which give it a very unique texture. The taste is slightly sharp, not unlike mildly sharp cheddar, but also very complex and layered, a bit fruity, though nutty is the predominant characteristic and most typical descriptive. It leaves a wonderful aftertaste on the tongue.

It is one of the very highest naturally produced foods of any kind in Glutamate content, which is why it has a very strong umami characteristic or savory taste. This explains why even though it is delicious on its own, it also elevates almost any dish to which it is added, cooked or uncooked.

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