Kris Lloyd Artisan  Buff & Truff Feta 7 oz.
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Kris Lloyd Artisan Buff & Truff Feta

7 oz.

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Category Cheese
Origin Australia
Brand Kris Lloyd Artisan

Woodside Cheese Wrights have taken their divine buffalo milk feta and added a hint of truffle. Made with pasteurized buffalo milk sourced directly from the farm, Buffalo Persian Feta is set overnight to make this fresh cheese in a traditional lactic set, not unlike yogurt. Each jar is then filled with a blend of vegetable and olive oil infused with black truffle. The result is a super creamy Persian-style feta (softer and less salty than Greek Feta) with just the right amount of truffle so all of the flavors shine through. Enjoy this with a crusty baguette or add this to salads or bruschetta. Serve alongside grilled meats and veggies.

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